We mainly accept degree students of LUT-concern as our actual members. Alumnus or staff of LUT-concern may apply as a senior member. The board may also exceptionally accept other individuals interested in music as actual members, if this is pleaded from the board in a written form.

TeMu ry’s annual membership fee is 10€.

You can join TeMu ry by purchasing the membership from our Holvi webstore.

After this we recommend filling out the Pommari access form which the board will process and using its own judgment grant access to pommari and the reservation calendar.

Holvi webstore


The purpose of TeMu ry is to unite the students of LUT-concerns with music related activities, develop music as a hobby for its members, increase music as a hobby at LUT-concern and promote and support the development of live music activities by students.

To fulfill this we organize meetings, music events and other get-togethers. We collaborate mainly with LUT-concerns student and alumni organizations, LUT-concern itself, the Student Union of Lappeenranta Union of Technology and the Student Union of Saimaa University of Applied Sciences. We rent sound and lighting equipment for the previously mentioned communities and we train the usage and installation of them to our interested members.

Our most well known event starting from 1990 is the Saunayö festival, where bands of the members of TeMu get to perform.


We also offer the training space Pommari for use to our members. Situated in the Student Union Building basement, it is accessible 24/7.

Equipment in Pommari:

  • 12” active monitors and 16 channel mixer
  • 2x vocal microphones
  • Engl Thunder 50 and Peavey Valveking 100 tube heads and Framus 2x12” cabinets
  • Hartke HA3500 bass head and 4x10” bass cabinet
  • Drumset
  • Digital piano
  • Computer with 2 channel audio interface and studio monitors
  • Storage space for your own equipment (Contact the board for info)


Techmu is a part of TeMu focused in electronic music and the culture surrounding it, founded in 1997.

The main goal of Techmu is to increase knowledge of electronic music and culture among students to the people interested in the subject. Along the years beginners and more experienced old troupers have joined the action. Initial skills don’t matter, you’ll learn things along the way. The most important thing is to enjoy music and making it great together.

Techmu organizes many events during the year, welcome to the party! Joining as a member is highly recommended and affordable. You’ll join in Techmu activites by first joining as a member of TeMu and expressing interest in Techmu activites by writing it in the membership application form.

We’ll gladly teach the ropes of the DJ-equipment to new members.


We rent sound and lighting equipment for different events. In addition to the packages listed below we can rent out some of our other equipment. We offer training for the installation and usage of the equipment if necessary. We can also offer technical staff. If you are interested contact us.

NOTE! If you are ordering equipment for a band or an artist to use from us, we absolutely require a technical rider well before the date of the performance.

The rental prices below are valid for associations in LTKY’s and KOE’s registries. For other parties the fees are agreed upon on a case by case basis


All prices include the necessary signal and power cables.


  • Just the players and the mixer, no loudspeakers (2x Pioneer XDJ-1000mk2, Pioneer DJM-900nexus)
  • Sold as an addition to the loudspeaker packages
  • Alternatively CD or vinyl players also available

Price: 100€, 50€ with other audio equipment (e.g. speech package)

Speech package:

  • 2x 12” active loudspeaker and stands
  • 8 channel mixer and 3.5mm aux cable
  • Microphones (wired or wireless)

Price: 90€ (50€ if you install by yourself)

Enhanced speech set:

  • 2x 12” active loudspeaker and stands
  • 1x 15” active subwoofer with speaker processor
  • 8 channel mixer and 3.5mm aux cable
  • Microphones (wired or wireless)

Price: 150€

Big PA:

  • 2x 15” mid-high speakers (dBTechnologies Arena 15 Pro, 500W RMS)
  • 4x 18” passive subwoofer (Had Audio SW184PL, 1000W RMS)
  • 3000W power amplifier rack (dbx DriveRack PA, c audio Pulse 2x1100 ja Powersoft M30D)
  • Digital mixer and stagebox (Allen&Heath GLD-80 ja AR2412)

Price: 250€


  • Engl Thunder 50 and Peavey Valveking 100 tube heads
  • 2x Framus 2x12” cabinet
  • Hartke HA3500 bass head
  • Hartke 4x10” bass cabinet
  • Drum set (Pearl Vision Birch VBL)
  • Synthesizer (Roland RS-5)
  • Stage piano (Numastage studiologic)

Price: 50€


  • RGB led
  • led bar
  • front lights
  • Strobe
  • smoke machine + smoke liquid
  • halogen blinder
  • More lights available if the need arrases

Price: 5€/fixture


Temu’s board 2024

Contact with the contact form

Name Task
Oskari Ekholm Chairman
Sakari Haikonen Vice chairman
Antti Karhunen Treasurer
Eero Koskikallio Secretary
Joona Hyytiäinen Techmu-correspondent
Leevi Antelo Sales manager


For general inquries you can contact the board:

Contact us:

Equipment rental: or @Lantel0


In all other matters contact the board:


Lappeenrannan Teknillisen Yliopiston Musiikkiyhdistys TeMu ry
Laserkatu 10
53850 Lappeenranta
Business ID 3082778-9
E-invoice address 003730827789
Operator APIX Messaging Oy, 003723327487

If e-invoicing is not possible, you can also send the invoice by e-mail